APRIL 19th 2018

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Welcome to the AG Show

Welcome to the 2018 Bermuda Agricultural Show to take place at the Botanical Gardens from April 19 - 21, 2018. The Agricultural Exhibition as its name implies is an Agricultural event held for a three-day period in late April at the Botanical Gardens National Park, in Paget Parish. It currently consists of school exhibitions, floral shows, animal exhibits, and equestrian programs, all related to Bermuda’s agricultural heritage. Join us from April 19 - 21, 2018 at the Botanical Gardens in Paget and experience one of Bermuda's number one community events. Click the button below to purchase tickets. 

Tickets on Sale

"Through the Ages" - Lower Tent Entertainment

PlayList Management is delighted to provide live entertainment daily under the lower tent over the three days for the 2018 Exhibition. Entertainment will include school choirs, soloists, bands, dance schools, and much much more!  So come on down, bring your blankets and enjoy Bermudian talent at its finest under the lower tent as we celebrate music "Through the Ages!" Special thanks to our generous sponsor, The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited, for their sponsorship of the Entertainment Section this year!


2018 Agricultural Exhibition Concession Stand Charities

Since 1979, we have been the driving force for advocacy and education, providing medications and specialized counselling support for those with diabetes. We tirelessly continue to impress upon the Bermuda community the seriousness of diabetes and its complications, both individually for the person and family affected by the disease, and collectively by virtue of the huge financial burden it places on the Bermuda community as a whole.


Bermuda spends in excess of $50 million each year on complications related to diabetes such as kidney disease, heart failure, blindness and amputations, which can almost entirely be prevented with appropriate intervention, education, medication and support.  That is $1 million dollars a week!


Bermuda Diabetes Association, as the lead agency for diabetes, has the responsibility to ensure that those with diabetes, especially the financially disadvantaged, have access to essential medicines and that through awareness and education we can take appropriate action to stem the tide of this epidemic.