APRIL 11th - 13th 2019

Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy is a government school that provides services to students ages 4 through 18, who experience severe to profound multiple challenges.  DMBHA was established on September 22, 2003 in an effort to better meet needs of students, who require intensive learning support, medical and therapeutic interventions.

Our mission is to serve students with exceptional needs, supporting each student through collaboration with families and community organizations to ensure that they achieve their ultimate potential.

Friends of Hope Academy (FOHA) is a charity associated with DMBHA.  Its objectives are to support DMBHA in curriculum and extracurricular activities, to provide support and assistance in the education and care of children with special needs, and to assist with community projects that promote awareness; education and improving the lives of children with disabilities. 


10 Old Military Road Devonshire DV02

Telephone# 292-7978

Fax # 296-1106

Acting Principal: Joy Todd