APRIL 11th - 13th 2019

Cornerstone Foundation is an energetic faith-based charity that supports youth, at-risk youth and incarcerated youth in becoming responsible and productive members of society in partnership with family, school and the community. Our programs include the Cornerstone Foundation Christmas Store, Youth Impact Mentoring Program and our Cornerstone Foundation Kids Camp which we are currently preparing for this summer.


Cornerstone Kids Camp has run for the past 10 years as a 2 week overnight camp for children ages 7-11. Strong relationships have been developed with parents, school teachers, counselors, Child & Family services and other social agencies in order to reach a diverse population of children, allowing them the opportunity to experience an unforgettable week at camp.


Cornerstone Foundation is registered as a charity both locally with the Bermuda Registry General (Registered Charity Number 737) and internationally with the International Charitable Fund of Bermuda (United States Internal Revenue Tax Number 51-0364510).