APRIL 20th 2017

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Welcome to the AG Show

Welcome to the 2017 Bermuda Agricultural Show to take place at the Botanical Gardens from April 20 - 22 2017. The Agricultural Exhibition as its name implies is an Agricultural event held for a three-day period in late April at the Botanical Gardens National Park, in Paget Parish. It currently consists of school exhibitions, floral shows, animal exhibits, and equestrian programs, all related to Bermuda’s agricultural heritage. Join us from April 20 - 22 2017 at the Botanical Gardens in Paget and experience one of Bermuda's number one community events. Click the button below to purchase tickets. 

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2017 Agricultural Exhibition Concession Stand Charities

Heard Chapel has been serving the community for 108 years, your support will assist us in continuing to provide programs for our young people and services for our seniors the bedrock our community.  We look forward to hearing positive responds to this endeavour.

One of the ways that Heard Chapel provides programs for our young people is through our YPD:

YPD Purpose: The purpose of this division of the Women’s Missionary Society is to provide meaningful youth training programs in all areas of church life.  Also to provide specific training in evangelism, Christian social relations and educational programs designed to increase knowledge of the A.M.E church’s history and provide leadership experience.

YPD Pledge: I pledge my willing and untiring service to all efforts of the Young People’s and Children’s Division to aid the needy and suffering people, regardless of race, color or creed.  I further pledge to take the Bible as my guide, to aid my church, and to attend meetings regularly.  In all these tasks I seek the Savior’s guidance.

YPD Motto: “Grow, Glow, and Go for Christ”.

Heard Chapel YPD meet on Friday evenings and provide a variety of activities which include but limited to cooking, games, community outreach and Bible study