APRIL 20th 2017

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Welcome to the AG Show

Welcome to the 2017 Bermuda Agricultural Show to take place at the Botanical Gardens from April 20 - 22 2017. The Agricultural Exhibition as its name implies is an Agricultural event held for a three-day period in late April at the Botanical Gardens National Park, in Paget Parish. It currently consists of school exhibitions, floral shows, animal exhibits, and equestrian programs, all related to Bermuda’s agricultural heritage. Join us from April 20 - 22 2017 at the Botanical Gardens in Paget and experience one of Bermuda's number one community events. Click the button below to purchase tickets. 

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2017 Agricultural Exhibition Concession Stand Charities

SCARS’ Mission is to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and to be an advocate and voice for children who have been sexually molested as well as their affected family.  

SCARS’ aims to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse by raising public awareness and speaking to key decision makers to put policies and procedures in place that best protect our children from the crime of child sexual abuse.  

SCARS’ intent is to provide information and training to all adults including Parent-Teacher Associations, Youth Serving organisations, Sports Programs, Faith-Based Groups and all other organisations that are entrusted with children in our community.

SCARS’ focus is to stop sexual abuse before it happens and to provide resources for support when it does happen.  Prevention is key because by the time the police, a government support agency or a therapist gets involved, the molestation has already occurred and a scar has formed. 

SCARS’ believes that If by reducing the number of sexually molested children in our community, there will be a reduction in drug abuse, alcoholism, teen pregnancies, mental illness, self injurious behaviors, eating disorders, promiscuity, violence, and suicide.