APRIL 20th 2017

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Welcome to the AG Show

Welcome to the 2017 Bermuda Agricultural Show to take place at the Botanical Gardens from April 20 - 22 2017. The Agricultural Exhibition as its name implies is an Agricultural event held for a three-day period in late April at the Botanical Gardens National Park, in Paget Parish. It currently consists of school exhibitions, floral shows, animal exhibits, and equestrian programs, all related to Bermuda’s agricultural heritage. Join us from April 20 - 22 2017 at the Botanical Gardens in Paget and experience one of Bermuda's number one community events. Click the button below to purchase tickets. 

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2017 Agricultural Exhibition Concession Stand Charities

PHENOMENAL PEOPLE…..Living, Loving & Learning

Founded in 2006, Phenomenal People is dedicated to helping empower women of all ages to be the best they can be.  Through workshops, seminars, and events, the charity aims to inspire women to discover the beauty they possess inside.

The DREAM GIRLS CLUB, which started in 2008, is the charity’s mentorship program for young girls between the ages of nine and 17.  The Club – held at the Youth Library - evolved out of the desire to help young ladies to claim their dreams and aspirations at an early age.  A high value is placed on education, so from early on, we have hosted a book club to encourage the girls to read and  taken them on college tours so they can experience, see, taste and feel what college life will be like in years to come.  This year, we’re hosting life-skills development activities by inviting professionals to share their talents with the girls.  We’re most excited about our Education Fund, established in 2015 to award scholarships to participants for their first year at junior college. 

The DREAM GIRLS CLUB is founded on solid principles, such as: support & empowerment, boundaries & expectations, constructive use of time, and positive values.  These are important building blocks to healthy development of young people. 

Our dedicated team of volunteers has provided a high level of commitment and service to over 100 young people over the past nine years.  We’re extremely proud of the three 2017 high school graduates who will become the first recipients of scholarships from the Education Fund, sponsored by generous donors and fundraising efforts.  We extend a huge thank you to our supporters!